Welcome to The Weekly Build

Jesse and Marie introduce themselves and the show.

Jesse: All right.

Welcome to the weekly build.

Uh, this is the podcast about two
creators building and taking their

products from idea to execution.

Uh, my name is Jesse J.

Anderson and my co-host here is Marie.

Marie why don't you, uh,
tell us about yourself.

Marie: Hey everyone.

I'm Marie.

I am the founder of Llama life.

Um, I started teaching myself
to code by watching YouTube

videos a couple of years ago.

So I'm now a, I guess, technically
a front end developer and I've been

building Lama Life, um, as a solo founder
and I've recently made my first hires.

So, um, it's still pretty early days,
but I am super excited to do this

pod with Jesse, Jesse and I met over
Twitter and we've, we've had some really

great conversations about building
our, our, our different product.

and I always get a lot out
of these conversations.

So, uh, part of the reason I'm doing this
is because I think from an accountability

perspective, it'll be amazing just to
have a, a weekly check in, talk about the

stuff that we've built during the week.

Talk about stuff that we are
building for the next week.

And it's also my first
time as a podcast cohost.

So I've been on a couple of podcasts
as a guest, but this is the first time

kind of talking through and, and sort
of co-hosting, um, co-hosting a pod.

So, um, yeah, super excited.

Um, my main project is Lama life,
which is a productivity, uh, tool.

It is all about helping people
increase their focus, increase their

attention, work on one task at a time.

And one of the main reasons I, I
created it is because I got diagnosed

with ADHD about 10, 11 years ago now.

So I've, I've always been on
the lookout for tools that,

um, I can use to help myself.

Didn't really find one, so
decided to build my own.

And that's where we're up to.

Jesse: And, um, I am, so I'm a front
end developer, writer, and creator.

If you know me, you probably know
because I write a lot about ADHD content.

Um, yeah.

I'm excited to do this podcast.

Like you said, the accountability.

Um, I have lots of great ideas.

And I start lots of things and
I don't always finish them.

So I'm really excited to have kind of
this weekly check-in with you, where we

can share ideas and almost create like a
forcing function for like, oh man, it's,

you know, it's getting late in the week
and I haven't done any of the things I

talked about on the podcast last week.

And so now it's gonna like help.

Create that urgency and,
uh, keep me accountable.

So I'm gonna keep yeah.

Working and building those things.

Um, some of the stuff I'm building.

So I do the ADHD content.

I'm writing a book called refocus.

I'm doing a course also called
refocus, uh, refocus your ADHD brain.

And then on the software
side, I kind of have a lot of.

Different ideas for apps I'm building.

primarily I have this idea for,
uh, sort of like a CRM, but like

a personal one for being basically
helping again, keep me accountable for

keeping up with friends, uh, with ADHD.

I often forget people exist.

Uh, cause I don't see them.

And then I just don't talk to like my best
friend or, you know, a family member for.

Months and months and maybe even years.

And so part of the push of this app
that currently it's called good buddy.

I don't know if that name will
stick or not, but that's sort of

the main thing I'm focused on now.

And yeah, I'm looking forward to, just
talking strategy, talking what is working

and just sort of sharing our journey
together and seeing where this goes.

We'll be launching this podcast in August,
so you can go ahead and go to the weekly,

build.com to sign up and subscribe so
that you'll get that first episode.

And, uh, yeah.

see you soon.

Welcome to The Weekly Build
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