Jesse J. Anderson

Jesse J. Anderson

ADHD Jesse

Appears in 54 Episodes

54: 2023 Wrapped!

Marie updates on the Llama mobile app. Marie & Jesse talk about the future of messaging, and what’s next for The Weekly Build.- Extra Focus- Llama Life- Beeper - Texts...

53: Collectibles and Wearables

Marie release a collectible app icon for Llama Life. Jesse gets a new watch.- Llama Life Collectible App Icon- Extra Focus

52: From Novid To COVID

Marie builds a fun marketing website. Jesse discovers a new social media scheduling tool.Llama Life Mobile Marketing PageExtra FocusMeetEdgarBook Marketing Action Podcast

51: Have social, will travel (to landing page)

Marie and Jesse chat about using social to drive traffic to their landing pages, amongst noise and distraction.- Extra Focus Book- Llama Life- Many Chat

50: Compounding Effects

Jesse shares numbers around his book launch. Marie shares a very frustrating tech problem.- Extra Focus Book- Llama Life

49: Go for Launch

Jesse launches his new book, "Extra Focus". Marie and Jesse weigh the pros and cons of building in public.- Extra Focus- Llama Life

48: Leaning In...

Jesse accidentally hit publish on his book. Marie adds a very requested AI feature to Llama Life.- Extra Focus book- Llama Life- Llama Life’s ‘Break-it-down’ feature

47: Influencers & Affiliates

Marie closes Llama Life's Affiliate program. Jesse discusses long-term marketing strategies for his book.Llama LifeExtra Focus book

46: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Marie implements a big pricing change. Jesse’s new book hits #1 in the Amazon store. Extra Focus bookLlama Life pricing post on X/TwitterLlama Life

45: Marketing As A Marathon

Jesse shares what he's learned while self-publishing his book, he and Marie discuss long term strategies for launching a product, and they look back on the 37signal's ...

44: The Final Countdown (to launch)

Jesse holds his book in his hands and Marie gives an update on forthcoming updates for Llama Life. They discuss testimonials and which ones get premium real estate.Tes...

43: SaaS Pricing - Subscription vs Lifetime

Jesse is so close to launching his book! Marie shares progress on the the Llama Life Android and iOS apps. And we contemplate pricing for SaaS.- The Extra Focus newsle...

42: The Grass is Greener?

Jesse is on the home stretch with his book. Marie starts both Android and iOS apps for Llama Life.- The Extra Focus newsletter- Llama Life

41: Check out my new Threads

Marie gets hit by Card Testers, Jesse gets some awesome testimonials for his book, and could Threads be the next Twitter.- Marie’s tweet about Card Testers- The Extra ...

40: State of Gear, Part 3 - Everything Else

In a quick series of lightning rounds (managed by none other than Llama Life timers), Marie and Jesse discuss their tablets, recording equipment, bags, desks & chairs,...

39: State of Gear, Part 2 - Computers, Mice, and Keyboards

Marie and Jesse discuss their computers, mice, and keyboards in Part 2 of the State Of Gear series- Llama Life- Jesse's Extra Focus newsletter

38: State of Gear, Part 1 - Phones, Watches, and Everyday Carry

Marie and Jesse discuss the gear they carry with them daily in Part 1 of the State Of Gear series- Llama Life- The Extra Focus Newsletter

37: Take Me Hire

Jesse goes to a conference. Marie deals with hiring challenges.- Craft + Commerce conference- Llama Life - Extra Focus Book

36: Apple Of My Eyes

Thoughts on WWDC and the new Vision Pro.- Llama Life- Llama Life accent color tweet- Daring Fireball- Sherlocking / Watson- Flux app- Google Cardboard- Meta Quest- WWD...

35: Movin' On Up

Marie increases conversion, and Jesse's new app- Marie's conversion tweet- Llama Life- Jesse’s Be-A-Better-Friend app tweet - Now defunct app starting with C that Mari...

34: The Nothing Button

- Random Task feature tweet- Llama Life- The Nothing Button tweet- Clear app

33: Back to the Future - Emacs, Vim, and Winamp

Tweet about muting accountsEmacs From Scratch video seriesMagitJesse’s Emacs configMarie’s tweet about Winamp design

32: Building on Bluesky

Llama LifeExtra Focus newsletterSkyLink Bluesky DID Detector, ChromeSkyLink Bluesky DID Detector, FirefoxGithub Copilot X

31: Bluesky's Smiling At Me

Llama LifeJesse's Newsletter

30: Is Substack Notes-worthy?

Jesse's newsletterLlama Life

29: Let’s Have A ChatGPT

Llama LifeLlama Life Color Details tweetExtra Focus - How AI Tools Could Revolutionize ADHD ManagementNathan Baschez - Supercharging My Focus (with Help from AI)

28: Algorithm of the Night

Casey Newton, Platformer articleElon Musk kitchen sink tweetLlama Life

27: Good morning, your bank is gone

Llama LifePolar Habits

26: Churn Around, Bright Eyes

Brain FMExtra Focus - Math & Needles postMarie’s Churn ChartLlama Life

25: How do you pronounce Ahrefs?

Llama LifePolar HabitsAhrefsFraseSuperblogMorning PagesSecretlab TITAN EvoTopo MatADHD Nerds podcast

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