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35: Movin' on up

Marie increases conversion, and Jesse's new app- Marie's conversion tweet- Llama Life- Jesse’s Be-A-Better-Friend app tweet - Now defunct app starting with C that Mari...

34: The Nothing Button

- Random Task feature tweet- Llama Life- The Nothing Button tweet- Clear app

33: Back to the Future - Emacs, Vim, and Winamp

Tweet about muting accountsEmacs From Scratch video seriesMagitJesse’s Emacs configMarie’s tweet about Winamp design

32: Building on Bluesky

Llama LifeExtra Focus newsletterSkyLink Bluesky DID Detector, ChromeSkyLink Bluesky DID Detector, FirefoxGithub Copilot X

31: Bluesky's Smiling At Me

Llama LifeJesse's Newsletter

30: Is Substack Notes-worthy?

Jesse's newsletterLlama Life

29: Let’s Have A ChatGPT

Llama LifeLlama Life Color Details tweetExtra Focus - How AI Tools Could Revolutionize ADHD ManagementNathan Baschez - Supercharging My Focus (with Help from AI)

28: Algorithm of the Night

Casey Newton, Platformer articleElon Musk kitchen sink tweetLlama Life

27: Good morning, your bank is gone

Llama LifePolar Habits

26: Churn Around, Bright Eyes

Brain FMExtra Focus - Math & Needles postMarie’s Churn ChartLlama Life

25: How do you pronounce Ahrefs?

Llama LifePolar HabitsAhrefsFraseSuperblogMorning PagesSecretlab TITAN EvoTopo MatADHD Nerds podcast

24: Newsletter as a Product

The panty tweetJesse's newsletterLlama Life 

23: Eyes on the prize

Linear Llama LifePolar Habits

22: Analytics & Reducing Friction

Marie's 'Weekly Review' tweetNotionTanaLlama Life Polar Habits

21: Do Less, Better

Due appNotion appLlama Life appSteve Jobs videoExtra Focus newsletter on Substack

20: Improving SEO + Moving to Substack

Kat LinksAhrefsSubstackConvertKitExtra Focus NewsletterLlama LifePolar Habits

19: Themes for 2023

Llama Life Polar HabitsPolar Habits on Product HuntJesse's 2022 Annual Review

18: Year in Review

Llama LifePolar HabitsThe Anti-Planner ReviewHow to ADHD channel

17: How to Product Hunt

Marie's tweet about colorsFidget spinner page Fidget spinner Product Hunt launchShhh Noise: create the perfect sound environment to work and relaxLlama Life's landing ...

16: Do What Works

Daniel Nguyen on TwitterKToolMarie's tweet on building 'one-click color'Merott's tweet on habitsPolar Habits Llama Life

15: Building Habits

GlideDark Mode Poll tweetPolar Habits

14: Black Fri-yay

Black Friday tweetADHD Conference

13: Onboarding & Usability Testing

Software SocialMind NodeWhimsicalMichele’s laundry tweetMichele’s software business, GeocodioDeploy Empathy

12: The Twitter Blues

MastodonTwitter article from The VergeLlama Life

11: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


10: From Indie to Funded

Llama LifeMarie's journey tweetTiny Habits bookAtomic Habits bookLaunch Accelerator

9: Consumer vs. Enterprise

Llama Life Pricing PageAmy Smyth tweet

8: Community Building

Working With ADHD websiteShelpfulADHD Nerds episode with Sharon PopeCircleRob FitzpatrickUseful Authors Community

7: Teams, Tweets, and

Janis tweetShhhnoise tweetWorking With ADHD“What is the cough drop sign? Viral tweet perfectly sums up what it's like to have ADHD” Today articleJesse’s “cough drop” t...

6: The Price Is Right?

Working With ADHD CourseMavenRefocus Your ADHD Brain courseMarie’s Fidget Spinner appThe Most Dangerous Writing App

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