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5: Repurposing Content

Kevon Cheung on TwitterMarie's scrollbar tweetMarie's lockscreen tweetOura RingWorking With ADHD Workshop landing pageJon Acuff - Soundtracks book

4: User Onboarding and Personal Rebranding

LlamaLife subreddit Jesse’s new Twitter accountMarie’s Onboarding Sketches tweet 

3: Setting Expectations, Design as a Feature

Tailwind CSS  Michele Hansen twitter Deploy Empathy Book  Working With ADHD  ADHD Nerds  Shelpful 

2: Newsletters, Building in Public, and Moving From Solo to Team Development

PrettierAli AbdaalExtra Focus NewsletterLlama LifeDagobert Renouf

1: Marie’s app gets cloned and Jesse monetizes YouTube

Tactical Time BlockerAvoiding Toxic Productivity Advice for ADHD [YouTube] Return YouTube Dislike [Youtube extension]Marie's tweet about Llama Life copycatMichele Hans...

Welcome to The Weekly Build

Jesse and Marie introduce themselves and the show.

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