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49: Go for Launch

Jesse launches his new book, "Extra Focus". Marie and Jesse weigh the pros and cons of building in public.- Extra Focus- Llama Life

48: Leaning In...

Jesse accidentally hit publish on his book. Marie adds a very requested AI feature to Llama Life.- Extra Focus book- Llama Life- Llama Life’s ‘Break-it-down’ feature

47: Influencers & Affiliates

Marie closes Llama Life's Affiliate program. Jesse discusses long-term marketing strategies for his book.Llama LifeExtra Focus book

46: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Marie implements a big pricing change. Jesse’s new book hits #1 in the Amazon store. Extra Focus bookLlama Life pricing post on X/TwitterLlama Life

45: Marketing As A Marathon

Jesse shares what he's learned while self-publishing his book, he and Marie discuss long term strategies for launching a product, and they look back on the 37signal's ...

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