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35: Movin' on up

Marie increases conversion, and Jesse's new app- Marie's conversion tweet- Llama Life- Jesse’s Be-A-Better-Friend app tweet - Now defunct app starting with C that Mari...

34: The Nothing Button

- Random Task feature tweet- Llama Life- The Nothing Button tweet- Clear app

33: Back to the Future - Emacs, Vim, and Winamp

Tweet about muting accountsEmacs From Scratch video seriesMagitJesse’s Emacs configMarie’s tweet about Winamp design

32: Building on Bluesky

Llama LifeExtra Focus newsletterSkyLink Bluesky DID Detector, ChromeSkyLink Bluesky DID Detector, FirefoxGithub Copilot X

31: Bluesky's Smiling At Me

Llama LifeJesse's Newsletter

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