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54: 2023 Wrapped!

Marie updates on the Llama mobile app. Marie & Jesse talk about the future of messaging, and what’s next for The Weekly Build.- Extra Focus- Llama Life- Beeper - Texts...

53: Collectibles and Wearables

Marie release a collectible app icon for Llama Life. Jesse gets a new watch.- Llama Life Collectible App Icon- Extra Focus

52: From Novid To COVID

Marie builds a fun marketing website. Jesse discovers a new social media scheduling tool.Llama Life Mobile Marketing PageExtra FocusMeetEdgarBook Marketing Action Podcast

51: Have social, will travel (to landing page)

Marie and Jesse chat about using social to drive traffic to their landing pages, amongst noise and distraction.- Extra Focus Book- Llama Life- Many Chat

50: Compounding Effects

Jesse shares numbers around his book launch. Marie shares a very frustrating tech problem.- Extra Focus Book- Llama Life

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